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Finding YOur Own Personal Style

Fashion trends are great but are not always the best ways to figuring out what one’s personal style really is. Quite a number of people want to look great by just following fashion trends without proper understanding of personal style. People ask questions like “what is a personal style” “how do I even develop my personal style?

Personal style is a person’s unique way of expression. It might be through words, clothing, writings or other choices. Fashion categorizes personal style as the way a person express themselves through their clothing, accessories, hairdo, makeup, shoes and how they combine their outfits. When you have your own style, you don’t necessarily have to follow trends, you can easily create one for yourself, using your own aesthetics.

Sometimes the things we pay attention to, who we spend time with, give our time to, see, hear, can affect our choice of style, so is our immediate environment. Your personal style is your identity, but you need to first understand yourself and understand style, and then pick up from there because personal style means you are not losing who you are in the whole process. What it basically does is it makes you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

A major misconception of personal style is that it has been thought to be just for the fashion moguls but the reality is that everyone wears cloth every day, so everyone is affected.

Below are steps that can help you define your style and the clothing that work for you.

1. Pay attention to clothes that make you feel good

There are some clothes that make you happy when you wear them or when you see it on people, they are most likely going
to be a great part of your style. Pull up these clothes, take time to find out what you love about them and why they make you feel happy.

2. Get Inspiration

Looking at people who you truly admire makes it easier to get inspiration. Magazines, social media, fashion shows, fashion blogs, celebrities, your favorite stylist are all great sources of inspiration. Observe and spend time seeing what these people do or the new things the blog or papers have put up in order to get inspiration.

3. Pay Attention To Yourself

Its time to look at yourself and figure out your own lifestyle. You have to be as honest as possible, with yourself. The fashion industry makes us feel we can wear everything or own everything but the truth is, we can’t wear everything, not everything
suits us, our shape, lifestyle, aesthetics and our person. There are some cloths you admire but you can’t wear because they don’t fit into your reality.

4. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is simply a collection of basics that you can match with other outfits to achieve effortless looks. Neutral colors go with everything, the white turtle neck, the black jean or a denim jacket can match with any outfit. As simple as these items may be, they make you look great and confident especially when combined with those outfits that make you look great. Match them in a way that reveals your personality and with time, add pieces that show off your personality to your closet.

5. Find Confidence In Your Style

All you need is the right items and a style you are comfortable in, and you are unstoppable! Try to be you in this style that you have chosen, that’s what makes you unique, it makes your style stand out too! Let go of every fear and anxiety, wear confidence!

Getting your own style is a process, and you need to give it the time! Remember, you don’t have to fit in when you can create!

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