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Making Your Clothes Last Longer

Everyone buys clothes. Not only fashionistas spend money on clothes, less fashionable people do too, there can just be a slight difference in the quantity and quality of the clothes being purchased. When a cloth wears out or fades off, we are often not left with any choice than to purchase another especially when its an essential clothing. However, learning to take care of one’s clothing can reduce the amount being spent on them. We will be going through tips needed to make your clothes last longer together.

1. Invest in Quality Pieces

Its quite understandable that you need to save some money by buying less expensive clothes but having few quality pieces in your closet not only help you maintain longevity such that you don’t have to replace after few months, it also help you save some coins. You can always add cheaper pieces to your wardrobe knowing fully well you have an alternative if they wear out after some seasons. Price is not always an indicator that a product is great and of a quality material; fabrics, style construction, button arrangements etc. can serve as clues too.

2. Pay Attention to Laundering

Clothes come with that tag that give instruction on how to care for that particular piece. There are some clothes that require special care and you don’t need to invest in them if you will be doing a lot of machine wash and spinning. When you go against the instructions on the tags, they may leave your pieces out of shape. Few of the laundry tips you will be needing are listed below:

  • Wash clothes with metal components such as zips and buttons separately.
  • Wash clothes of same colors together to avoid bleaching.
  • Don’t wash your clothes very often to avoid them going out of shape quickly.
  • Wash all dark clothing like your jeans, black skirts and blouses from inside out so they can maintain their color.

3. Iron With Care

Ironing loosen fabric fibers and also make them flat. When this is not properly done, it can burn the fabric or change the fabric color. It is important that you know the right heat level for each type of fabric. A general guide for heat dials on various fabrics states that linen should be ironed under 75°C, cotton 30°C, and so on.

4. Practice and Maintain Good Storage Habits

How your clothes shape and how long they last can depend on how you store them overtime. Make sure your clothes are properly dried before hanging them in your wardrobe or closet. Moisture can breed molds which are not good for your clothes. Don’t squish your clothes together too, allow for them some breathing space, to avoid wrinkling and fading. The kind of hangers you use too matters, don’t invest in wire hangers that expands the neckline of your cloth and then make it difficult for the pieces to stay well on your body. cloth and then make it difficult for the pieces to stay well on your body. Wooden hangers are better hangers you can invest in.

5. Dye Faded Clothes

Some clothes may shed off their original color after several washes or even the first wash, looking worn-out. Get a box of dye and treat your clothes with it. You can get a box at any grocery store near you. All you have to do is add the dye to your bucket of water and mix (you can read the instructions on the dye box too). Take your time to stir well so you can achieve an even color. When you are done coloring, simply rinse and hang to  dry.

Relax, all clothes wont last forever, its quite understandable. Some will wear out, fade or go out of shape, but it doesn’t stop you from being very careful.

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