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Tips For Organizing Your Closet

No one wants the anxiety that comes with a cluttered closet, hence the need to keep the closet organized and arranged even if no one sees what happens in there. Getting the closet in shape doesn’t require a lot
of time and energy as opposed to what we’ve been made to believe. If you always find it hard to organize your closet, below are few tips that can help.

1. Sorting

Take out all the clothes from your closet, remove all hangers and everything. In short, empty the closet. Your shoes, accessories, bags, are not left out as well. During the sorting process, you decide what you
want to keep wearing, the ones you want to dispose, the ones you want to give out and the ones you want to keep. The whole essence of decluttering is to get an organized space for easy accessibility. Fold the
ones you have decided to store neatly and keep them on your bed or on the floor.

2. Clean the Closet

Before putting back your clothes, make every necessary adjustment you want to make to the closet. Sweep, wipe down the walls, spray , paint if necessary too.

3. Hang your clothes and organize them

To find your clothes easily, hang up more clothes, it will also conserve space. You know and understand yourself, organize your clothes in a way that will be easier for you to find. Organize according to season, color, type, top picks and many more. E.g. you can color coordinate, you can hang summer wears
separately and winter wears separately. Fold the remaining clothes and put them in available drawers, if there are none, get a spare pole and add it to the existing one to hang your clothes.

4. Utilize other parts of your closet

Get some boxes under the hanging space and store your remaining clothes in there. Check for overhead
spaces and organize some clothes in there too, for example sweater, hoodies, and you can get boxes to store more stuff and put there as well.

5. Organize additional items

Its time to arrange your shoes, accessories, wigs and all. Check through all the items thoroughly to be sure of what you really needed and what should be in your closet. For example, box of chocolates do not have to be in there, pack of wires too. Get rid of the things you don’t need in your closet and neatly arrange the ones you need. Closet organizers, drawer dividers, plastic boxes will work
perfectly for these.

6. Get Creative with your closet

Your closet has to be a place of comfort, so think of how to make it look appealing. Mirrors, paintings, artworks, frames will do an amazing job. From now on, start enjoying your closet and always return whatever you take to its current position, that way you don’t have to always arrange.

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